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What is Minimi Body Wrap?

Minimi is a non-invasive body wrap treatment, designed to offer you a more sculpted body with lasting results. It is one of the leading body wraps in the industry, as seen on TV3’s ‘Xpose’, and is highly favoured among celebrities such as Vogue Williams.
How does it work?

The advanced technology in the Minimi solution targets those difficult areas often found on the body (such as hips, buttocks, waist and arms). Minimi has the power to help you drop a dress size in a single treatment.
What are the other benefits?

Along with inch loss, Minimi is a great treatment for your skin. Clients may see noticeable improvement in appearance of cellulite, and skin may appear more toned.
Will I see results immediately?

Yes, results are visible immediately and will continue for up to three days after the treatment.
Will the results last?

Yes, to achieve maximum and lasting results, a course of six treatments is recommended and should be combined with healthy eating and exercise.

€145 60 mins

minimi wrap, course of 3

€145 60 mins
€290 60 mins

minimi wrap, course of 6

€290 60 mins
€480 60 mins

minimi wrap, course of 10

€480 60 mins